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Integrations from your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to your commerce engine don’t have to be slow or complicated. Shopify Plus, the enterprise platform from Shopify, can streamline complex integrations and make details like data extraction, attribute mapping, and real-time connectivity more seamless than ever.

Join Aaron Brill, TMG’s Shopify Practice Lead, Thomas McNally, TMG’s Principal Architect, and Gleb Vaguine, Shopify Staff Solution Engineer, Wednesday, February 28th at 12:00pm CT for our webinar, where these experts will show how a Shopify integration can upgrade your tech stack and bring more data and ownership to your content and marketing teams to make better-informed business decisions.

TMG will also demo a proprietary tool that brings together the best of Shopify with a Java/Spring backend. With this separate application, integration is done by configuration - not code. Since integration is decoupled from the platform, working within the app is break-proof.  Without the worry of site down time or reverting code, you can focus on delivering data, value, and time back to your teams.

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After this session, you’ll walk away with

  • Valuable Insights: See how the Shopify Plus APIs, and integration capabilities can help make the integration process between your ERP system and your commerce engine more efficient and less complicated.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: See how to take advantage of Shopify’s expansive data model to support an array of use cases. Leverage data from external sources and display it to your business users where they want it and when they need it so that your team can enable better-informed business decisions.
  • Actionable Steps for Tech Stack Upgrade: Practical steps and strategies for upgrading your tech stack with Shopify, as demonstrated by industry experts.


Live experts to answer your ERP-Commerce integration questions.

Aaron Brill

Aaron Brill
Shopify Practice Lead

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Thomas McNally
Principal Architect

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Gleb Vaguine
Staff Solutions Engineer

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TMG is an end-to-end digital experience and engineering firm focused on industry-leading B2B enterprise clients. From strategy, commerce and design, to long-term optimization, we provide our clients with guidance and solutions to deliver the best customer experience.

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Shopify Plus is the commerce platform for high-growth, high-volume Merchants, coupling speed and agility with the scalable foundation you need to grow bigger, faster. Shopify Plus is the ideal choice for Enterprise B2B companies with the need for custom integrations and dedicated APIs.